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Enterprise Systems Associates Inc (“ESAi”) has been providing infrastructure power tools to mainframe platforms for nearly 20 years. ESAi data tools support Db2® mainframe and now Db2 LUW, Oracle®, and SQL Server® and other distributed databases. This software reliably provides development teams, DBA’s and QA staff with a means of extracting and refreshing test data from production or other source data stores to various target environments. Data masking of sensitive data fields is also available. Our tools are an essential part of a complete Test Data Management solution.

Why ESAi Db2 Cloning and Refreshing Tools?

What used to be a tedious data provisioning process taking hours/days can now be done in minutes. These Db2 cloning and fast refreshing tools automate and speed database, tablespace, table, and full subsystem provisioning. Simply select the source items, select the target and click to execute. Intelligent structure checking and automation does the rest. Create or refresh environments, save time and meet end user needs with dispatch. And best of all, save on resources and machine costs.


These products lead to improved application quality and the availability of data for all of your application and testing needs. It will also be possible to make fast copies, migrates and even mask sensitive information using our DB2 cloning tools for Db2 z, Db2 LUW, SQL Server, Oracle and other popular database systems. Improved project timelines, data delivery, and overall operational efficiency will be realized with the use of these innovative products. Review the customer quotes below.

You will find it easy to use our Db2 cloning tools

Our Db2 cloning tools have intuitive design, easy navigation and intelligent automation which allow the technical staff to get their work completed error free in a fraction of the time previously required. The ISPF and/or GUI interface provides a platform from which to manage and audit test data needs efficiently by both experienced DBAs as well as applications and testing staff.

More efficient processing and better use of resources

Test Data Management (TDM) and cloning tools must be constantly enhanced to deal with the ever growing data stores that permeate today’s enterprises. ESAi’s power tools provide much needed functionality as well as efficiency resulting in reduced resource consumption and elapsed run time. The combination of IBM’s functional advances and code enhancements are fully taken advantage of by our products.

There will no longer be a need for manual intervention

Our cloning, fast refresh, TDM tools have expert system technology that automatically gathers needed system information to intelligently automate most processes. This helps to substantially reduce manual intervention, keystroke errors, and to save valuable staff and DBA efforts. While DBA’s can setup and run the tasks, most find that they need only perform management oversight functions as the tool enables user staff and teams to setup and execute approved procedures.

Restartable capabilities

The products have built-in safeguards. All data copied successfully to any point of failure is kept, and any restarts begin where the job left off. For sites with databases measured in terabytes the ability to not have to start all over from the beginning can make all the difference in meeting SLAs and budget.

TDM & cloning tools are affordable

ROI includes many factors such as license cost, annual maintenance charges, hardware consumption costs, staff allocation, customer support and availability / uptime. ESAi offerings provide outstanding ROI that help customers easily justify the purchase.

Data masking available for privacy

Meeting data privacy regulations and ensuring that sensitive data is not accessible to unauthorized staff is a paramount concern for all IT installations. Our product suite provides unique features that allow data to be moved into protected Pre-production environments, as well as, extracted directly from production into select testbeds. The ability to enable masking of data as part of the copy task means that sensitive data can be safeguarded.

Customer Quotes

I can’t thank you enough for your extraordinary work. Our company stresses customer service, and you have certainly taken customer service to a new level. Your knowledge of DB2 internals is awesome. Again thank you so much for your efforts

Midwest Insurance Company

We brought in BCV5 and a competing product for evaluation. We took our time and installed BCV5. It took 45 minutes. With a few hours of testing and a few answers from support, we were able to complete our 1st refresh on day 1. It took less time to install, configure and execute a refresh with BCV5 than it took to get the competing product installed.

DB2 Consultant

BCV5/6 works exactly as expected. Easy setup, fast repeatable refreshes. It has made refreshing test subsystems simple and error free.

State Agency

I will tell you, my DBA believes your support teams provide some of the best support he has ever received from a software vendor. I want to thank you for that.

IT Manager

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